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INTRODUCTION Many Canadian children are affected by early childhood caries (ECC) and require treatment under general anesthesia. The purpose of this study was to determine the burden of day surgery for children with ECC in Canada. METHODS Day surgery abstracts for children 6 years of age with ECC were extracted from the Canadian Institute for Health(More)
Shakespeare knew that a name is more than the title we assign to a person or thing — it can include the qualities of a subject so that it can easily be identified and put in context. The expanded promotion of health information means that non-dental professionals and the public are exposed to dental terminology, so it behooves dentists to take care with(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the short-term impact of fluoridation cessation on children's caries experience measured by tooth surfaces. If there is an adverse short-term effect of cessation, it should be apparent when we focus on smooth tooth surfaces, where fluoride is most likely to have an impact for the age group and time frame considered in this study. (More)
BACKGROUND One of the main arguments made in favor of community water fluoridation is that it is equitable in its impact on dental caries (i.e., helps to offset inequities in dental caries). Although an equitable effect of fluoridation has been demonstrated in cross-sectional studies, it has not been studied in the context of cessation of community water(More)
OBJECTIVES Dental caries (tooth decay) is common and can be serious. Dental caries is preventable, and community water fluoridation is one means of prevention. There is limited current research on the implications of fluoridation cessation for children's dental caries. Our objective was to explore the short-term impact of community water fluoridation(More)
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