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The series comprises 40 soldiers who sustained 49 local cold injuries during their service in The Norwegian Army. Twenty-one cold injuries were classified as first degree, 15 as second degree and 13 as third degree. No difference in ambient temperature at the time of injury was observed between the three categories of injuries, but the duration of cold(More)
The molecular chaperone Hsp (heat-shock protein) 90 is critical for the activity of diverse cellular client proteins. In a current model, client proteins are transferred from Hsp70 to Hsp90 in a process mediated by the co-chaperone Sti1/Hop, which may simultaneously interact with Hsp70 and Hsp90 via separate TPR (tetratricopeptide repeat) domains, but the(More)
In a recent study we found skin capillary blood cell velocity (CBV) at rest, laser Doppler flux (LDF), and its response to lowering of the hand to be reduced in the dystrophic hand of patients suffering from sympathetic dystrophies. This study confirms these previous findings. Four of the 12 patients investigated felt intermittent pain in the "healthy"(More)
Prosthetic valve thrombosis remains a significant problem despite anticoagulation therapy and advances in valve design. Thrombolytic therapy offers an alternative approach to valve replacement in patients with high surgical risk. In this article we discuss three cases in which Doppler echocardiography was used to confirm the diagnosis of prosthetic mitral(More)
Finger-skin microcirculation and its reactions to sympathetic stimuli were investigated in 12 patients with sympathetic dystrophies, secondary to trauma or other diseases. Nailfold-skin capillary blood cell velocity (CBV) was measured by videophotometric capillaroscopy. Laser Doppler fluxmetry was used to provide an index of skin circulation in vessels in(More)
The transcutaneous pO2 (TCpO2) response following release of tourniquet cuff occlusion is expressed as oxygen reappearance time (ORT) and oxygen recovery index (ORI). In the present study the effects of blood perfusion and tissue oxygenation on ORT and ORI in healthy control subjects and two patient groups with peripheral arterial insufficiency were(More)
The natural history of changes in attachment level in the primary dentition should be determined before considering diagnostic criteria for periodontal diseases in children. The present study was designed to describe longitudinal changes in the distance between the alveolar bone crest and the cementoenamel junction (ABC-CEJ) determined radiographically.(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of abdominal aortic aneurysm in a selected group of men over the age of 60, and define main risk factors. DESIGN Population based screening study. SETTING Private Norwegian health maintenance organisation. SUBJECTS 500 men over the age of 60 years. INTERVENTIONS General examination by a general practitioner,(More)