Luke R Frederick

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BACKGROUND Timed and frequent intercourse around the time of female ovulation is recommended to improve conception. Although a significant number of articles have examined how the length of abstinence affects these semen analysis, the effects of frequent (daily) ejaculation has not been rigorously studied. METHODS Twenty normal men were recruited for(More)
INTRODUCTION Prior research conducted on treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) has been derived from surveys involving relatively small populations of men. There are needs for large population-based studies in this area. Our study addresses that need. AIM The aim of this study was to characterize ED treatment among a large population of men. METHODS(More)
Soil samples from 40 soybean fields were collected in 1967 and 1968 and analyzed for nematodes and soil properties. Correlations o f total nematodes, non-stylet nematodes, Dorylaimoidea (excluding Xiphinema americanum), X. americanum, Helicotylenchus pseudorobustus, Tylenchus spp., Aphelenchus avenae, and other groupings of nematodes were made with pH;(More)
About 30 per cent of organic soil nitrogen can be hydrolized with HCl to amino acids; about 30 per cent is nonhydrolizable. In contrast to this high content of amino acid nitrogen is the small availability of the nitrogen to micro-organisms. In light of the theory proposing a reaction between the α-amino group of amino acids or peptides and quinones formed(More)
Metanephric adenomas are a rare neoplasm of the kidney with less than 200 cases reported. We report a case of a metanephric adenoma incidentally found on imaging in a 52-year-old Hispanic female and treated with robot-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy. A brief review of the literature is also included.
Urethral duplication is a very rare congenital anomaly. Urethral duplication is seen most commonly in the sagittal plane. We report a rare case of complete urethral duplication in the coronal plane with no other associated anomalies. Surgical correction of this coronal urethral duplication resulted in a normal-appearing penis and good functional outcome(More)
Ground sudangrass forage was extracted at room temperature with demineralized water. The insoluble residue, the water-soluble residue, unextracted sudangrass and the recombined soluble and insoluble fractions were incubated in remoistened, air-dried soil to measure the influence of the water-soluble fraction on net carbon dioxide evolution. The maximum rate(More)
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