Luke O Nwoye

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Standardized local measures for preparing oral rehydration solution (ORS) in Nigeria were re-evaluated under laboratory conditions. Our results confirm those of the standardization team in respect of granulated and cube sugar. However, our mean weight of one salt measure (2.8155 +/- 0.292 g) is about 20% greater than their value. Consequently, correct use(More)
Thyroidal trophic effects on slow-twitch skeletal muscle properties were compared in normally innervated and denervated soleus of rats maintained at different thyroid states. Hypothyroidism caused fast to slow changes in fiber type composition (99% decrease in proportion of type II fibers), ATPase activities (down 20-30%), myosin light chain pattern (54%(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the blood glucose lowering effect of khat (Catha edulis) extract in normal, glucose-loaded, and alloxan diabetic rats. METHODS Three experimental protocols were used in this study. In each of the first 2 protocols, 3 groups of rats (6 rats per group) were used as control group (NS), Catha edulis (CE) treated, and glibenclamide(More)
1. The isometric length-tension relationship for cardiac muscle is generally steeper than for skeletal muscle in the physiological range of sarcomere lengths. Recent studies suggest that cardiac troponin C (cTnC) may have intrinsic properties that confer greater length-dependent changes in Ca2+ sensitivity of tension than for skeletal troponin C (sTnC). We(More)
Khat chewing is a recreational habit known to pose major socio-economic and medical problems in countries of Southern Arabia and the Horn of Africa. Among other adverse health effects, khat chewing has been associated with an increased risk of myocardial infarction (MI) in heavy consumers. This study was carried out to examine the direct effects of Catha(More)
Direct measurement of body surface area (Ab) was made on 20 male adult Nigerians of African descent by coating and planimetry. The results were compared with estimated Ab values obtained using six widely accepted height and weight prediction equations. The results show that existing formulas do not predict surface areas of our subjects accurately. Measured(More)
OBJECTIVE Human body surface area (BSA) is the preferred denominator for physiological indices of body metabolism and for drug dosages. The Du Bois and Du Bois height/weight nomogram, used for fast and convenient estimation of patients BSA, is not suitable for all populations due to ethnic differences in body shape and build. The purpose of this study was(More)
The effects of different thyroid states on some histochemical and biochemical properties of fast-twitch muscle were studied using rat extensor digitorum longus (EDL) muscle. This muscle was found to be much less responsive to thyroidal influence than the slow-twitch soleus muscle. In EDL muscles of hypothyroid rats, fast leads to slow conversions were(More)
Cancer chemotherapy drugs, fluids and electrolytes are best dosed per square meter of body surface area (BSA). Since newborns have an exceptionally large surface to mass ratio, their BSA needs to be accurately estimated, if it is to serve as a safe denominator for drugs and fluids. In this study, BSA was measured directly in 15 full-term Saudi newborns,(More)
The amount of phosphoryl creatine (PC) hydrolysed during a ten-second isometric contraction was measured in the biceps brachii (fast) and soleus (slow) muscles of adult normal and dystrophic mice (Re 129 strain) following inhibition of glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation. The dystrophic muscles were found to have a lower isometric economy (tension-time(More)