Luke Murray

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— In this work, we describe an approach for model-ing and simulating group behaviors for pursuit-evasion that uses a graph-based representation of the environment and integrates multi-agent simulation with roadmap-based path planning. Our approach can be applied to more realistic scenarios than are typically studied in most previous work, including agents(More)
In recent years, the power of domain−independent planners which use hand coded domain−specific control knowledge has been demonstrated [AIP00]. This approach, though fruitful in terms of planner performance, has several issues asociated with it. Firstly, control rules need to be hand coded for each domain. This affords no scope for reuse, and the control(More)
OBJECT Over the past several years, there has been increasing interest in combining angiogenesis inhibitors with radiotherapy and temozolomide chemotherapy in the treatment of glioblastoma. Although the US FDA approved bevacizumab for the treatment of glioblastoma in 2009, the European Medicines Agency rejected its use due to its questionable impact on(More)
In recent years, post-silicon debugging has become a significantly difficult exercise due to the increase in the size of the electrical state of the IC being debugged, coupled with the limited fraction of this state that is visible to the debug engineer. As the number of transistors increases, the number of possible electrical states increases(More)
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