Luke Maurer

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— The standardization phase for wideband CDMA systems like UMTS is running towards its final-ization. As is typical for mobile communication systems standardizing, sufficient RF performance has been assumed and most efforts have been put to baseband issues. This is especially true for the pocket phone transceivers the RF part of which is, although its(More)
The &#x3BB;-calculus is popular as an intermediate language for practical compilers. But in the world of logic it has a lesser-known twin, born at the same time, called the <em>sequent calculus</em>. Perhaps that would make for a good intermediate language, too? To explore this question we designed Sequent Core, a practically-oriented core calculus based on(More)
Continuation-passing style (CPS) transforms have long been important tools in the study of programming. They have been shown to correspond to abstract machines and, when combined with a naming transform that expresses shared values, they enjoy a direct correspondence with encodings into process calculi such as the &pi;-calculus. We present our notion of(More)
CPS transforms have long been important tools in the study of programming languages, especially those related to the λ-calculus. Recently, it has been shown that encodings into process calculi, such as the π-calculus, can also serve as semantics, in the same way as CPS transforms. It is known that common encodings of the call-by-value and call-by-name(More)
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