Luke Maurer

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We describe a microwave photon counter based on the current-biased Josephson junction. The junction is tuned to absorb single microwave photons from the incident field, after which it tunnels into a classically observable voltage state. Using two such detectors, we have performed a microwave version of the Hanbury Brown-Twiss experiment at 4 GHz and(More)
The &#x3BB;-calculus is popular as an intermediate language for practical compilers. But in the world of logic it has a lesser-known twin, born at the same time, called the <em>sequent calculus</em>. Perhaps that would make for a good intermediate language, too? To explore this question we designed Sequent Core, a practically-oriented core calculus based on(More)
Continuation-passing style (CPS) transforms have long been important tools in the study of programming. They have been shown to correspond to abstract machines and, when combined with a naming transform that expresses shared values, they enjoy a direct correspondence with encodings into process calculi such as the &pi;-calculus. We present our notion of(More)
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