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Radical Left Parties in Europe
1. Introduction 2. From Communist Crisis to Post-Communist Mutation 3. The West European Communists: Perpetual Crisis? 4. The Fall and (Partial) Rise of the Eastern European Communists 5. Modern
What's Left of the Radical Left? The European Radical Left After 1989: Decline and Mutation
We make a three-fold contribution to research on the European radical left. First, we will offer a clear and comprehensive definition of the term ‘radical left’. Second, we will look at the main
Left and right populism compared: The British case
This article represents one of the few systematic comparisons of left-wing populism with other populisms. Focussing on the manifestos of six British parties in 1999–2015, the findings confirm that
From Vanguard of the Proletariat to Vox Populi: Left-Populism as a 'Shadow' of Contemporary Socialism
Left-populism is a phenomenon attracting much attention, particularly in Latin America, but also increasingly in Europe. It is not a wholly new phenomenon; indeed it is a longstanding tradition
Out of left field? Explaining the variable electoral success of European radical left parties
European radical left parties (RLPs) are gradually receiving greater attention. Yet, to date, what has received insufficient focus is why such parties have maintained residues of electoral support
The Communist Party in post-Soviet Russia
1. The CPRF's emergence as the dominant successor party 2. A broad church: the CPRF's ideological currents 3. Programmatic evolution 4. Evaluating the CPRF's ideology: backwards to socialism? 5.
Managing Opposition in a Hybrid Regime: Just Russia and Parastatal Opposition
In this article Luke March explores the Russian authorities’ efforts to “manage democracy” through the creation of “parties of power.” It focuses on the quasi-leftist party Just Russia, one of four
From Moldovanism to Europeanization? Moldova's Communists and Nation Building*
  • Luke March
  • Political Science
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  • 28 August 2007
The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) has been a highly controversial actor since its election in February 2001. The party initially governed under a hail of domestic and
Socialism with Unclear Characteristics: The Moldovan Communists in Government
"Back to the USSR." (1) So ran a typical headline after the overwhelming victory of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) in the parliamentary elections of February 2001. By winning