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BACKGROUND We tested the hypothesis that schizophrenia is primarily a frontostriatal disorder by examining executive function in first-episode patients. Previous studies have shown either equal decrements in many cognitive domains or specific deficits in memory. Such studies have grouped test results or have used few executive measures, thus, possibly(More)
Lateral ventricular enlargement is the most consistently replicated brain abnormality found in schizophrenia. This article reports a first episode, longitudinal study of ventricular volume using high-resolution serial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and recently developed techniques for image registration and quantitation. Baseline and follow-up (on(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies of oculomotor dysfunction in schizophrenia have tended to concentrate on abnormalities of smooth pursuit eye tracking in chronic medicated patients. We report the results of a study of smooth pursuit, reflexive and antisaccade performance in drug naive and antipsychotic treated first-episode schizophrenic patients. METHODS(More)
20 out of 179 diabetics treated with oral hypoglycaemic agents (O.H.A.) within 3 mo of diagnosis had pancreatic-islet-cell antibodies (ICAb) in their sera at diagnosis or later. 13 of these 20, compared with only 14 of the remaining 159, subsequently required insulin at a mean follow-up of 2 yr 10 mo and 4 yr 11 mo, respectively (p less than 10(-7)). 5 of(More)
Hair cells of the inner ear are damaged by intense noise, aging, and aminoglycoside antibiotics. Gentamicin causes oxidative damage to hair cells, inducing apoptosis. In mammals, hair cell loss results in a permanent deficit in hearing and balance. In contrast, avians can regenerate lost hair cells to restore auditory and vestibular function. This study(More)
A survey of 250 patients with insulin-dependent diabetes (IDD) holding a full motor vehicle driving licence revealed that 107 (42.8%) had not declared IDD on their application for a driving licence. 70 of these (28% of entire group) claimed that they were unaware of the statutory requirements. There was no difference in the declaration-rate between men and(More)
BACKGROUND In-service training of health workers plays a pivotal role in improving service quality. However, it is often expensive and requires providers to leave their posts. We developed and assessed a prototype mLearning system that used interactive voice response (IVR) and text messaging on simple mobile phones to provide in-service training without(More)
Concentrations of total glycosylated haemoglobins (Hb A1) were measured in 40 diabetics at diagnosis and at monthly intervals after treatment with chlorpropamide, insulin, or diet alone was begun. The mean Hb A1 concentration at presentation in 16 patients treated with chlorpropamide was significantly higher than that in 12 patients treated with insulin,(More)