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We propose a new method for assessing and quantifying compliance with contact lens care regimens. We recommend two separate procedures: one in which trained interviewers examine the actual lens care techniques used by typical, experienced patients and another in which clinicians rate each step in a lens care regimen as to the level of risk to the patient's(More)
Two rare but life-threatening complications of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) are reported: small bowel perforation and obstruction. Both resulted from impaction of the PEG end-piece after separation at skin level. Review of the literature revealed very few complications from intestinal passage of PEG end-pieces. The free intragastric PEG(More)
While this basic premise has remained intact, the debate has undergone some significant evolution. Much of the initial impetus for the view that Australia under-saves came from concerns in the late 1980s about the size and sustainability of the current account deficit. More recently, while the concern with external balance has still been present, there has(More)
Economic Group Reserve Bank of Australia We thank colleagues in Economic Research Department and Financial System Group, especially Adam Cagliarini and David Gruen, for their suggestions. Aart Kraay generously provided some of the data used in Section 2. Any errors are ours and the opinions expressed here should not be attributed to the Reserve Bank of(More)
Noncompliance is an important health care issue. This report presents results of assessments of three different lens care systems and directly compares compliance with each and the potential impact on patients' safety and comfort. Methods involved trained interviewers, patient demonstrations, a panel of experts, statistical analyses, and an assessment of(More)
Chorion villus sampling was performed transcervically on 84 patients and transabdominally on 126 patients. Two of 4 (5%) spontaneous abortions in the transcervical group were complicated by uterine infection. Five (4%) spontaneous abortions in the transabdominal group were uncomplicated by infection. The results support the contention that the(More)
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