Luke Gerard Eckersley

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The development and standardisation of an inventory for measuring anti-epileptic drug effects on cognition and affect is described. The Side Effect and Life Satisfaction inventory (SEALS) was derived from symptoms and side-effects reported by a patient population. It was administered to 45 patients on two occasions and test-retest reliability was(More)
The relationships among Schwann cells, axons, and the perineurial barrier emphasize the key role Schwann cells play in normal functions of the nerve. Schwann cells are responsible for action potential velocity through insulation of axons, maintenance of axonal caliber, and correct localization of Na+ channels; immunological and funcitonal integrity of the(More)
A reduced ability to regenerate peripheral axons may be partly responsible for diabetic neuropathy. The source of the impairment has not been narrowed down to axonal or Schwann cell failure. We used nerve grafts from control or diabetic donor rats transplanted into control or diabetic hosts to pursue this differential diagnosis. An isograft between the left(More)
A 12-year-old girl presented with an acute confusional state and a 2-year history of weight loss, anxiety, agitation and recurrent fever. Thyroid function tests confirmed severe hyperthyroidism, and a diagnosis of thyroid storm was made (Burch and Wartofsky score=75). ECG showed a prolonged QTc interval of 506 ms. Acute treatment for thyroid storm consisted(More)
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