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The development of automatic perceptual responses to speech stimuli was examined. In the first experiment, phoneme-monitoring performance for speech syllables was examined under conditions in which stimulus-to-response mapping and memory load were manipulated. The results indicated that automaticity develops under consistent-mapping conditions. In the(More)
Mind wandering (MW) entails an involuntary shift in attention from task-related thoughts to task-unrelated thoughts, and has been shown to have detrimental effects on performance in a number of contexts. This paper proposes an automated multimodal detector of MW using eye gaze and physiology (skin conductance and skin temperature) and aspects of the context(More)
The rst-order two-step nonlinear estimator, when applied to a problem of orbital navigation, is found to occasionally produce rst step covariance matrices with very low eigenvalues at certain trajectory points. This anomaly is the result of the linear approximation to the rst step covariance propagation. The study of this anomaly begins with expressing the(More)
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