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When a masking picture follows some initial stimulus picture, subsequent memory performance for the stimulus is reduced, even when the mask is delayed by 300 ms following stimulus offset. Such a delay is sufftciently long that all perceptual traces of the stimulus have vanished, and therefore the inferred effect of the mask is to interrupt conceptual as(More)
The dynamic properties of distributed feedback lasers (DFBs) based on InAs/InGaAs quantum dots (QDs) are studied. The response function of QD DFBs under external modulation is measured, and the gain compression with photon density is identified to be the limiting factor of the modulation bandwidth. The enhancement of the gain compression by the gain(More)
The effectiveness of a simulator-based approach to training pilot skills in risk assessment and decision making was evaluated in a sample of pilots enrolled in a university aviation science program. The 16 experimental group subjects received 4 hours (h) of classroom instruction designed to enhance pilot judgment skills, followed by 4 simulated(More)
—The optical performance of quantum dot lasers with different dots-in-a-well (DWELL) structures is studied as a function of the well number and the indium composition in the InGaAs quantum well (QW) surrounding the dots. While keeping the InAs quantum dot density nearly constant, the internal quantum efficiency , modal gain, and characteristic temperature(More)
The lowest room-temperature threshold current density, 26A/cm 2 , of any semiconductor diode lasers is reported for a quantum dot device with a single InAs dot layer contained within a strained In 0.15 Ga 0.85 As quantum well. The lasers are epitaxially grown on a GaAs substrate, and the emission wavelength is 1.25 µ m. Introduction: It has been predicted(More)
Emerging applications such as solid-state lighting and display technologies require micro-scale vertically emitting lasers with controllable distinct lasing wavelengths and broad wavelength tunability arranged in desired geometrical patterns to form "super-pixels". Conventional edge-emitting lasers and current surface-emitting lasers that require abrupt(More)
The impact of optical feedback on the direct performance of a monolithic InAs/GaAs quantum dot passively mode-locked laser intended for applications such as multigigahertz interchip/intrachip clock distribution is experimentally investigated. Evaluation of the feedback resistance is an important feature, as the laser is to be monolithically integrated on(More)
We demonstrate stable, single-frequency output from single, as-fabricated GaN nanowire lasers operating far above lasing threshold. Each laser is a linear, double-facet GaN nanowire functioning as gain medium and optical resonator, fabricated by a top-down technique that exploits a tunable dry etch plus anisotropic wet etch for precise control of the(More)
—The first self-assembled InAs quantum dash lasers grown by molecular beam epitaxy on InP (001) substrates are reported. Pulsed room-temperature operation demonstrates wavelengths from 1.60 to 1.66 m for one-, three-, and five-stack designs , a threshold current density as low as 410 A/cm 2 for single-stack uncoated lasers, and a distinctly(More)