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Home networks are becoming increasingly rich in devices and applications, but continue to share the broadband link in a neutral way. We believe the time is ripe to personalize the home network experience, allowing a household to differentiate its users (e.g. father's laptop prioritized over kid's iPad) and services (e.g. video streaming prioritized over(More)
Today's residential Internet service is bundled and shared by a multiplicity of household devices and members, causing several performance problems. Customizing broadband sharing to the needs and usage patterns of each individual house has hitherto been difficult for ISPs and home router vendors. In this paper we design, implement, and evaluate a system(More)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) is increasingly being applied to the management and orchestration of data center networks, wide-area networks, and enterprise networks. In this work we demonstrate the benefits of cloud-based SDN management of home routers. We install open-source firmware (OpenWRT and OpenVSiwtch) on off-the-shelf gateways, and deliver new(More)
Access networks, largely based on DSL or cable links, continue to be the bandwidth bottleneck between device-rich households and high-speed core networks, causing frustration for both end-users and content service providers (CSPs). In this paper, we advocate that the scarce bandwidth resource on the access link be managed jointly, under software control, by(More)
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