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We present the results of observations of the PSR B1509?58/MSH 15?52 system in X{rays (2 ? 250 keV) by the Rossi X{ray Timing Explorer. The spectra of the peak of the pulsed component (radio phase 0:17 ? 0:53) is t by a power law of photon index 1:360:01, with no evidence of a high energy spectral break seen up to 200 keV. For the oo-pulse spectral(More)
We report results when one alcoholism related quantitative trait, monoamine oxidase B (MAOB), is analyzed by the variance components approach for linkage [Amos, 1994; Amos et al., 1996] using the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism data set provided for the Genetic Analysis Workshop 11. We used two different covariate models, one with age at(More)
We performed two-point linkage analysis during a genome-wide search for susceptibility genes that predispose to alcohol dependence with the Collaborative Study on the Genetics on Alcoholism (COGA) data made available for the Genetic Analysis Workshop 11 (GAW11). For chromosomes 1 and 4 our findings supported results reported by Reich et al. [1998] based on(More)
The spectrum of the diffuse isotropic component of cosmic X-rays over the 13–180 keV range was determined by the UCSD/MIT Hard X-Ray and Gamma-Ray instrument (HEAO A4) on the High Energy Astronomical Observatory–1 (HEAO–1). The instrument consists of a complex of actively shielded and collimated scintillation counters, including the Low Energy Detector set(More)
2 2 The International Sustainable and Ethical Investment Rules Project is a global collaboration working to develop a framework for the governance of investment that promotes economic development, environmental sustainability, human rights, and global security, Abstract * Despite the dramatic surge in global investment flows in recent years, there is no(More)
The recent high-stakes dispute between Google and China over censorship and cyber-security has spawned renewed discussion of the international trade law protections that internet and media companies may enjoy. 1 Less recognized, however, is a perhaps more powerful legal tool in the arsenal of internet and media companies engaging in cross-border(More)
Using the HEXTE experiment on-board the RXTE satellite, we performed a search for hard X–ray tails in Sco X–1 spectra. We found strong evidence for the presence of such a non–thermal component on several occasions. Using the PCA/RXTE we were able to track the position of the source along the Z diagram, and we observed that the presence of the hard X–ray(More)
Foreign direct investment and bilateral investment treaties have become key building blocks of the international legal and economic architecture. There are over 2,600 bilateral investment treaties (" BITs ") and a growing number of investor-state disputes. These disputes have revealed a number of tensions in the BIT architecture, including the discord(More)
ii PREFACE In November 1997, a draft version of this report (dated October 1997) was submitted by the Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (ORIA) to EPA's Science Advisory Board (SAB) for review. receive briefings from ORIA staff and interested members of the public and to discuss the relevant issues. Chair of the URRS. The SAB approved ORIA's approach to(More)
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