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Diver-based Underwater Visual Censuses (UVCs), particularly transect-based surveys, are key tools in the study of coral reef fish ecology. These techniques, however, have inherent problems that make it difficult to collect accurate numerical data. One of these problems is the diver effect (defined as the reaction of fish to a diver). Although widely(More)
This paper addresses the making of security decisions, such as access-control decisions or spam filtering decisions, under uncertainty, when the benefit of doing so outweighs the need to absolutely guarantee these decisions are correct. For instance, when there are limited, costly, or failed communication channels to a policy-decision-point. Previously,(More)
The Grid is a concept which allows the sharing of resources between distributed communities, allowing each to progress towards potentially different goals. As adoption of the Grid increases so are the activities that people wish to conduct through it. The GRIDCC project is a European Union funded project addressing the issues of integrating instruments into(More)
An understanding of information flow has many applications, including for maximizing marketing impact on social media, limiting malware propagation, and managing undesired disclosure of sensitive information. This paper presents scalable methods for both learning models of information flow in networks from data, based on the Independent Cascade Model, and(More)
1 Motivation and contributions In this paper, we address a specific use-case of wearable or hand-held camera technology: indoor navigation. We explore the possibility of crowdsourcing navigational data in the form of video sequences that are captured from wearable or hand-held cameras. Without using geometric inference techniques (such as SLAM), we test(More)
Stochastic Processes are ubiquitous, from automated engineering, through financial markets, to space exploration. These systems are typically highly dynamic, unpredictable and resistant to analytic methods; coupled with a need to orchestrate long control sequences which are both highly complex and uncertain. This report examines some existing single-and(More)