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People enjoy the sensual and physiological properties of physical books as well as the ease of creating bookmarks and annotations. However, an abundance of annotations can be distracting from the reading experience. With the introduction of e-books, sharing annotations has enabled reading to have a social context, which research has shown to benefit(More)
The ubiquity of computing devices has led to an increased need to ensure not only that the applications deployed on them are correct with respect to their specifications, but also that the devices are used in an appropriate manner, especially in situations where the device is provided by a party other than the actual user. Much work which has been done on(More)
The use of the Android operating system has become a very popular option with a vast variety of mobile devices. This popularity means that companies and other users are more likely to consider using android devices. Naturally there will be users and companies concerned with how their Android devices are used. Therefore, some sort of device management is(More)
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