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How people learn chunks or associations between adjacent items in sequences was modelled. Two previously successful models of how people learn artificial grammars were contrasted: the CCN, a network version of the competitive chunker of Servan-Schreiber and Anderson [J. Exp. Psychol.: Learn. Mem. Cogn. 16 (1990) 592], which produces local and(More)
This model study describes the electrotonic response of a cable model of cardiac tissue stimulated at one point. The stimulus is applied intracellularly in the form of a 2 ms pulse of current of near threshold amplitude. The attenuation of the electrotonic potential with distance and its mode of propagation along the cable are compared for equivalent(More)
Fractional changes in the peak sodium conductances of the cardiac cell membrane during the action potential are often estimated from fractional changes in Vmax. The present model study shows, in reasonable accord with experimental evidence, that this approach is valid for propagating action potentials provided that the membrane capacitance does not change(More)
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