Lukasz Witkowski

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UNLABELLED The comparative study of the results of various segmentation methods for the digital images of the follicular lymphoma cancer tissue section is described in this paper. The sensitivity and specificity and some other parameters of the following adaptive threshold methods of segmentation: the Niblack method, the Sauvola method, the White method,(More)
An n-lift of a graph K, is a graph with vertex set V (K) × [n] and for each edge (i, j) ∈ E(K) there is a perfect matching between {i} × [n] and {j} × [n]. If these matchings are chosen independently and uniformly at random then we say that we have a random n-lift. We show that there are constants h1, h2 such that if h ≥ h1 then a random n-lift of the(More)
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