Lukasz Stepień

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Based on seedling resistance tests, five resistance genes (Lr10, Lr3, Lr13, Lr14a and Lr37) against leaf rust (Puccinia triticina) were identified in 16 cultivars of European winter wheat. STS and SCAR markers were used to verify the presence of the resistance genes Lr37 and Lr10 against leaf rust in cultivars, near-isogenic lines and segregating(More)
Genotyping of 98 wheat cultivars/lines was carried out with molecular markers that are linked to the Pm1 locus: two bi-allelic (dominant) markers: the sequence-tagged site Xsts638-7A and the amplified fragment length polymorphism XE39M58-77-7A; and the multi-allelic simple sequence repeat marker Xgwm344-7A. Employing segregation data recorded in the(More)
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