Lukasz Rabalski

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A new isolate of baculovirus, Lymantria dispar multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus-BNP (LdMNPV-BNP), was found in dead gypsy moth (L. dispar) caterpillars collected in the Biebrzanski National Park in(More)
DapuNPV (Dasychira pudibunda nucleopolyhedrovirus), presented in this report, belongs to Alphabaculovirus group Ib. Its full, newly sequenced genome shows close relationship to baculovirus OpMNPV(More)
Two bacteriophages, ϕA38 and ϕA41, infecting Pectobacterium parmentieri strain SCC 3193 (former Pectobacterium wasabiae strain SCC 3193) were isolated from arable soil samples collected in different(More)
Baculoviruses have been used as biopesticides for decades. Recently, due to the excessive use of chemical pesticides there is a need for finding new agents that may be useful in biological(More)
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