Lukasz Nitschke

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Herbicide loads of urban and rural waste water treatment plant effluents were calculated over a one-year period by measuring the herbicide concentrations in 14-day mixed samples. More than three quarters of the total herbicide load of the effluent of the rural waste water treatment plant consists of isoproturon. Particularly large amounts of this substance(More)
The biodegradation and the aquatic toxicity of four herbicides (isoproturon, terbuthylazine, mecoprop, metamitron) were investigated. Laboratory activated sludge plants were used for biodegradation experiments. The biodegradation of mecoprop reached nearly 100%, the other herbicides were not eliminated by biodegradation. The acute Daphnia magna 24-h assay,(More)
Glycol ethers are a class of semi-volatile substances used as solvents in a variety of consumer products like cleaning agents, paints, cosmetics as well as chemical intermediates. We determined 11 metabolites of ethylene and propylene glycol ethers in 44 urine samples of German residents (background level study) and in urine samples of individuals after(More)
equal to the realistic mean experimental time for complete replication of MDV1 RNA up to the point when the replica release takes place [8]. This time is taken to be 15 s in realistic conditions. The time-dependent probabilities p=p( t ) for the most probable secondary structures at a given time are displayed in Fig. 2. The refolding transition occurs when(More)
Recently a new technique has been introduced to study the dectrochemistry of metals and alloys [1,2]. This socal led abrasive stripping voltammetry comprises a mechanical (abrasive) transfer of traces of the solid material onto the surface of a solid electrode and the following electrochemical oxidation or reduction of these traces with an appropriate(More)
From 1995 to 1998 the concentrations of 4-nitrophenol, 2-methyl-4-nitrophenol, 3-methyl-4-nitrophenol, dinitro-ortho-cresol (DNOC) and 2,4-di-nitrophenol were measured monthly by HPLC in precipitation at eight different locations in Bavaria (Germany). Samples were collected by purpose-constructed computerised rainwater samplers which record electronically(More)
Internet voting will probably be one of the most significant achievements of the future information society. It will have an enormous impact on the election process making it fast, reliable and inexpensive. Nonetheless, so far remote voting is considered to be very difficult, as one has to take into account susceptibility of the voter’s PC to various(More)
The aquatic toxicity and biodegradability of the new chelating agent beta-alaninediacetic acid (beta-ADA) were investigated. There is no inhibition effect of beta-ADA in the daphnia magna 24 h test up to a concentration of 1000 mg/L. The algal growth inhibition test resulted in an EC 50 of 19.7 mg/L. An EC 20 of 740 mg/L was determined in the luminescent(More)
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