Lukasz Michalczyk

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As populations decline to levels where reproduction among close genetic relatives becomes more probable, subsequent increases in homozygous recessive deleterious expression and/or loss of heterozygote advantage can lead to inbreeding depression. Here, we measure how inbreeding across replicate lines of the flour beetle Tribolium castaneum impacts on male(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the demographic characteristics, medical features, psychological profile, and natural history of children with chronic fatigue. DESIGN Case control study. SETTING Pediatric Infectious Diseases Clinic of Kosair Children's Hospital, 1990 to 1992. PARTICIPANTS Forty-four patients referred for persistent fatigue were evaluated.(More)
A battery of self-report questionnaires and structured diagnostic interviews was administered to 20 children and adolescents who presented to a pediatric specialty clinic with chronic fatigue. Matched groups of healthy and depressed control subjects (aged 8 to 19 years) were also studied. Criteria were established to identify those items in the assessment(More)
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