Lukasz Madej

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The paper presents design and implementation of the hybrid system, which is the part of investigation focused on application of multiscale modeling in simulation of real industrial processes. The hybrid system is dedicated to support production processes based on metal forming, by using artificial intelligence and optimization algorithms. The proposed(More)
Proposition of innovative software platform dedicated to modelling of metallurgical processes is presented in the paper. Developed approach is based on the idea of material representation in the form of digital data sets describing various material properties in different length scales. The platform is equipped with additional software modules dedicated to(More)
Creation of a fully automatic procedure of preparation of the initial microstructure for further CA calculations, on the basis of optical microscopy images, is the objective of this work. Such microstructure is free of unphysical features and replicates real material structure. Image processing techniques based on edge detection algorithms, filtering and(More)
The computer simulation programs based on fundamental physics laws became more and more sophisticated and accurate in description of the material behaviour under deformation conditions. That contributes to the general knowledge about the microstuctural phenomena that occur during metal processing, e.g. hardening, recovery, and both dynamic and static(More)
The system dedicated to optimization of the manufacturing processes, used in metal forming branches, is presented in the paper. The proposed approach is based on the conventional optimization methods supported by Good Practice Guides (GPG), which represent rich engineering knowledge and are usually applied in industrial practice. Each step of optimization(More)