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Creating and maintaining a platform for reliably producing and deploying machine learning models requires careful orchestration of many components---a learner for generating models based on training data, modules for analyzing and validating both data as well as models, and finally infrastructure for serving models in production. This becomes particularly(More)
Monte-Carlo Tree Search is a very successful game playing algorithm. Unfortunately it suffers from the horizon effect: some important tactical sequences may be delayed beyond the depth of the search tree, causing evaluation errors. Temporal-difference search with a function approximation is a method that was proposed to overcome these weaknesses, by(More)
In the paper we study some properties of Pawlak collaboration graph of the second kind by means of statistical, graph-theoretical and social network methods. In order to build such graph we use data collected in the Rough Set Database System. Pawlak collaboration graph contains data, among others, on Z. Pawlak, his co-authors and the latter ones’(More)
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