Lukasz Kokoszkiewicz

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The increasing interest in larger spatial and temporal scale models and high resolution input data processing comes at a price of higher computational demand. This price is evidently even higher when common modeling routines such as calibration and uncertainty analysis are involved. Likewise, methods and techniques for reducing computation time in large(More)
The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) has been used widely for large scale applications, reaching entire continents. Within the EU funded EnviroGrids project, a detailed application of SWAT on the Black Sea Basin is envisaged using high resolution data. In order to support the computation, the model is run on a computer grid. The use of the SWAT allowed(More)
Ganga is a grid job submission and management system widely used in the ATLAS and LHCb experiments and several other communities in the context of the EGEE project. The particle physics communities have entered the LHC operation era which brings new challenges for user data analysis: a strong growth in the number of users and jobs is already noticeable.(More)
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