Lukasz Borucki

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OBJECTIVE To show 7 cases of Wegener granulomatosis (WG) with early aural symptoms and to discuss the problems of otologic manifestation in WG. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case review. SETTING : Tertiary care university hospital. PATIENTS All patients were administered to the ENT University Department in Poznań in years 2002-2008 because of otitis(More)
This is a consensus statement on pediatric cochlear implantation by the European Bilateral Pediatric Cochlear Implant Forum. The consensus statement was determined by review of current scientific literature to identify areas of scientific and clinical agreement of current understanding of bilateral cochlear implantation. The statement is "Currently we feel(More)
INTRODUCTION Amyloid is a pathological protein which can accumulate in almost every tissue, consequently resulting in illness (amyloidosis). Amyloid has a red color when the slice preparation is stained with Congo red staining and under polarized light exhibits a characteristic apple-green color. Over 26 different proteins, that can form amyloid, have been(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the therapeutic results related with treating 103 patients with cerebral abscesses of otogenic origin during 3 various time frames (1953-1977, 1978-1989, and 1990-2011). PATIENTS A total of 103 patients with cerebral abscess of otogenic origin. INTERVENTIONS Diagnostics and treatment. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Analysis of mortality(More)
UNLABELLED Stomal recurrence after total laryngectomy is a very serious complication, in general with dismal prognosis. There are only a few possibilities of treatment, so stress should be put on prevention. MATERIAL In the ENT Department Poznań University of Medical Sciences between 1997-2004 829 total laryngectomy were performed, because of advanced(More)
Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is nowadays a gold standard in case of chronic sinusitis. Microscopes and endoscopes are routinely used and the plan of the operation is based on physical examination and high resolution computed tomography of paranasal sinuses done in the bone frame. In the last few years trials were done with intraoperative navigation(More)
The retrosigmoid approach is one of the ways to the cerebellopontine angle. It's simple to perform and offers a good view in this difficult to reach area. It's a way to surgical cure of vertigo, microvascular compression syndromes and some kinds of acoustic neuromas. The operating microscopes is a basic tool of the surgeon in otoneurosurgery. For last few(More)
INTRODUCTION Olfactory dysfunction is suggested to be a clinical manifestation of central diabetic neuropathy. The aim of the study was to assess olfactory function in adult patients with type 1 diabetes. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 106 patients with type 1 diabetes and 30 healthy subjects were included in the study. We evaluated the metabolic(More)
Sphenoid sinus surgery due to specific localization is placed in otolaryngologists and neurosurgeons field of interest. Surgery of this area, from one side, causes number of problems, which usually arise due to close neighbourhood of important structures, but on the other, serves as alternative approach, eliminating necessity of extended operations with(More)
Laryngeal papilloma is one of the most common non-malignant tumors of the larynx. In adult they are included to pre-cancerous diseases. In morphological examination, it is a solid tumor. Often it is possible to cure them during one surgical procedure. The disease is mostly localized on the anterior commissurae region, vocal fold, ventricules, and on the(More)