Lukasz Boguszewicz

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The objective of this study was to investigate the metabolic responses of normal appearing cerebellar tissue after posterior fossa tumor treatment, and to identify characteristics of the particular treatment method. Moreover, this work examined the metabolic alterations of normal appearing tissue induced by a particular tumor state including resection,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to evaluate the metabolic profile of brain tissue of two long-term survivors of childhood brain tumors. MATERIALS Two males who were 25 and 33 years old at the time of examination and had been irradiated for brain tumors at the age of 17 and 13 years respectively. The first subject had been operated on radically for(More)
AIM To evaluate the tolerability and toxicity of PCI in patients with NSCLC. BACKGROUND Prophylactic cranial irradiation (PCI) is a standard treatment for patients with small cell lung cancer. There are data showing a decreasing ratio of brain metastases after PCI for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC-non small cell lung cancer) patients but, so far,(More)
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