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Local contractility evaluation is a promising area of cardiovascular research. We propose strain (local deformation measure) calculation method based on 2d non-rigid image registration on CINE magnetic resonance imaging data. First we register pairs of consecutive images in time series then we apply the results to whole study. Presented 2d approach is(More)
Polarization asymmetries are an essential ingredient in the interpretation of various meson production reactions in terms of the various resonances that contribute to the processes as real or virtual intermediate states. In the past, the pπ + π − final state has been treated often as arising from either of the quasi two-body states ∆π or Nρ, followed by the(More)
The photoproduction of vector mesons on various nuclei has been studied using the CLAS detector at Jefferson Laboratory. The vector mesons, rho, omega, and varphi, are observed via their decay to e;{+}e;{-}, in order to reduce the effects of final-state interactions in the nucleus. Of particular interest are possible in-medium effects on the properties of(More)
We examine the results of two measurements by the CLAS collaboration, one of which claimed evidence for a Theta(+) pentaquark, while the other found no such evidence. The unique feature of these two experiments was that they were performed with the same experimental setup. Using a Bayesian analysis, we find that the results of the two experiments are in(More)
The beam-spin asymmetries in the hard exclusive electroproduction of photons on the proton (e p-->epgamma) were measured over a wide kinematic range and with high statistical accuracy. These asymmetries result from the interference of the Bethe-Heitler process and of deeply virtual Compton scattering. Over the whole kinematic range (x(B) from 0.11 to 0.58,(More)
Local contractility evaluation is a promising area of cardiovascular research. We propose and validate strain calculation method based on Gabor filters used on tagged magnetic resonance images. We focus on longitudinal strain calculated from images of the heart in its long axis. We validate the results on studies of both a healthy volunteer and two(More)
A search for exotic mesons in the pi;{+}pi;{+}pi;{-} system photoproduced by the charge exchange reaction gammap-->pi;{+}pi;{+}pi;{-}(n) was carried out by the CLAS Collaboration at Jefferson Lab. A tagged-photon beam with energies in the 4.8 to 5.4 GeV range, produced through bremsstrahlung from a 5.744 GeV electron beam, was incident on a liquid-hydrogen(More)