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Time-series prediction has been a very well researched topic in recent studies. Some popular approaches to this problem are the traditional statistical methods e.g. multiple linear regression and moving average, and neural network with the Multi Layer Perceptron which has shown its supremacy in time-series prediction. In this study, we used a different(More)
Executive Summary The Iron Man Corporation, LLC will exist to produce running carts for physically disabled clients. These carts assist in recreational activity, and allow clients to spend time outdoors with a caretaker. The management of the company rests on Allen Bosscher, Andrew Vriesema, and Lukas Woltjer as President, VP of Engineering, and VP of(More)
the maximum correlation value is chosen. The location giving maximum correlation value for the correct source estimates the exact scanning location. Two main issues in this extension of source camera identifi cation methods [3-5] are increase in computational complexity in estimating the correlation between reference pattern and test noise patterns of(More)
(2010) Typical accuracy and quality control of a process for creating CT­Based virtual bone models. Journal of Digital Imaging. Abstract A pragmatic method for assessing the accuracy and precision of a given processing pipeline required for converting CT image data of bones into representative 3D models is proposed. The method is based on co-processing a(More)
  • Vít, PÁSZTO, +5 authors JANOŠKA
  • 2011
Together with rapid development in GI science recent decades, the fractal geometry represents a powerful tool for various geographic analyses and studies. The paper shows usage of fractal geometry in two case studies. Studied areas are Olomouc region (approx. 804 km 2) and Olomouc city itself (100.000 inhabitants). First case study concerns urban growth of(More)
Most libraries nowadays use computerized system for searching. Observing the case at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia's library system, the results given by the search engine tends to be inaccurate or irrelevant, mostly due to insufficient input by the user. This research proposes further utilization of taxonomy system based on Dewey Decimal(More)
The role of affective and cognitive individual differences in social perception. Please note: Changes made as a result of publishing processes such as copy-editing, formatting and page numbers may not be reflected in this version. For the definitive version of this publication, please refer to the published source. You are advised to consult the publisher's(More)