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Time-series prediction has been a very well researched topic in recent studies. Some popular approaches to this problem are the traditional statistical methods e.g. multiple linear regression and moving average, and neural network with the Multi Layer Perceptron which has shown its supremacy in time-series prediction. In this study, we used a different(More)
  • Jimoh, Falilat, Chrpa, Lukas, T L Mccluskey, Mohammad Munshi Shah +5 others
  • 2015
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  • Andrew Vriesema, Woltjer, Lukas
  • 2013
Executive Summary The Iron Man Corporation, LLC will exist to produce running carts for physically disabled clients. These carts assist in recreational activity, and allow clients to spend time outdoors with a caretaker. The management of the company rests on Allen Bosscher, Andrew Vriesema, and Lukas Woltjer as President, VP of Engineering, and VP of(More)
  • José Acuña, Eric Granryd, Erik Björk, Martin Forsén, Anders Nilsson, Manil Bygg +40 others
  • 2013
Preface A substantial amount of new insights about the operation and thermal response testing of U-pipe and Coaxial heat exchangers installed in groundwater filled boreholes are revealed in this experimental thesis work. I feel that I just planted one more seed to lots of further research to be done with the measurements presented here, but I can proudly(More)
  • Paul Mulholland, Zdenek Zdrahal, Michael Valasek, Phillip Sainter, Koss, Lukas +6 others
  • 2016
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The Harvard community has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Multimodal pressure-flow method to assess dynamics of cerebral autoregulation in stroke and hypertension. BioMedical Engineering OnLine 3: 39. Abstract Background: This study evaluated the effects of stroke on regulation of cerebral(More)
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