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  • Ren, Lukas, +4 authors Dhalla
  • Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology and…
  • 1998
BACKGROUND: Various angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors are known to improve heart function and prolong survival in patients and animals after myocardial infarction. Because myocardial infarction is known to induce arrhythmias, this study tested the hypothesis that early treatment with the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor imidapril reduces(More)
Time-series prediction has been a very well researched topic in recent studies. Some popular approaches to this problem are the traditional statistical methods e.g. multiple linear regression and moving average, and neural network with the Multi Layer Perceptron which has shown its supremacy in time-series prediction. In this study, we used a different(More)
  • Lukas
  • Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology and…
  • 1997
The recent discovery of multiple myocardial cell types in the ventricular wall of most species has prompted a reevaluation of several electrophysiologic and electrocardiographic findings. This review briefly presents the salient electrophysiologic features of myocardial cells in the epicardial, midmyocardial and endocardial regions of the ventricle. The(More)
Hydrogen gas is the dominant component of the local interstellar medium. However, owing to ionization and interaction with the heliosphere, direct sampling of neutral hydrogen in the inner heliosphere is more difficult than sampling the local interstellar neutral helium, which penetrates deep into the heliosphere. In this paper, we report on the first(More)
  • Vít, PÁSZTO, +5 authors JANOŠKA
  • 2011
Together with rapid development in GI science recent decades, the fractal geometry represents a powerful tool for various geographic analyses and studies. The paper shows usage of fractal geometry in two case studies. Studied areas are Olomouc region (approx. 804 km 2 ) and Olomouc city itself (100.000 inhabitants). First case study concerns urban growth of(More)
Most libraries nowadays use computerized system for searching. Observing the case at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia's library system, the results given by the search engine tends to be inaccurate or irrelevant, mostly due to insufficient input by the user. This research proposes further utilization of taxonomy system based on Dewey Decimal(More)
Three unique high resolution experimental arrangements for nondestructive strain measurements which are based on neutron Bragg diffraction optics with cylindrically bent perfect crystals are reviewed. Using focusing in momentum and real space thgfe techgiques yield Ad/d (d-lattice spacing) resolution of 10 10and considerably higher luminosity in comparison(More)
  • Slavomír, ONDOŠ, +4 authors KUSENDOVÁ
  • 2013
This paper explores network approach possibilities to urban environment. Since the subject is too complex and difficult to cover in global, we keep focused on a selected sample of real-world spatially embedded network. Public transport is a likely candidate, due to increasing significance indicated in literature. First, we use the most relevant statistical(More)
  • Speckner, Simone, +20 authors Silberbauer
  • 2016
Indra, Alexander, Schmid, Daniela, Huhulescu, Steliana, Simons, Erica, Hell, Markus, Stickler, Karl, Allerberger, Franz, Assadian, Ojan, Aspöck, Christophe, Bischof, Elisabeth, Equiluz­Bruck, Susanne, Feierl, Gebhard, Geppert, Friederike, Gilhofer, Monika, Hartmann, Gabriele, Höfler­ Speckner, Simone, Janata, Oskar, König, Uwe, Leeb, Monika, Lenger, Andrea,(More)