Lukas Schneider

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We present an endomicroscope apparatus that utilizes structured illumination to produce high resolution (∼ 2.6μm) optically sectioned fluorescence images over a field of view of about 240μm. The endomicroscope is based on the use of a flexible imaging fiber bundle with a miniaturized objective. We also present a strategy to largely suppress structured(More)
This paper presents a stereo vision-based scene model for traffic scenarios. Our approach effectively couples bottom-up image seg-mentation with object-level knowledge in a sound probabilistic fashion. The relevant scene structure, i.e. obstacles and freespace, is encoded using individual Stixels as building blocks that are computed bottom-up from dense(More)
We present a novel method for accurate and efficient up-sampling of sparse depth data, guided by high-resolution imagery. Our approach goes beyond the use of intensity cues only and additionally exploits object boundary cues through structured edge detection and semantic scene labeling for guidance. Both cues are combined within a geodesic distance measure(More)
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