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Single-differential, partial, and total ionization cross sections for the proton–hydrogen atom collision system in the energy region of 0.1–10 keV/u are determined by using the molecular-orbital close-coupling method within a semiclassical formalism. The present cross sections are in an excellent agreement with the recent experiments of Shah et al. ͓J.(More)
Universal features in stock markets and their derivative markets are studied by means of probability distributions in internal rates of return on buy and sell transaction pairs. Unlike the stylized facts in log normalized returns, the probability distributions for such single asset encounters encorporate the time factor by means of the internal rate of(More)
The fully idiographic nature of Chinese language facilitates the algorithms in natural language processing by a tight correspondence between characters and text meaning, and also allows for substantially less preprocessing as compared to the case of other languages. We have recently developed and tested a popularity-based concept to summarization of Chinese(More)