Lukas Pichl

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Configuration interaction calculations of the ground and excited states of the H2CO molecule adsorbed on the Ag(111) surface have been carried out to study the photoinduced dissociation process leading to polymerization of formaldehyde. The metal-adsorbate system has been described by the embedded cluster and multireference configuration interaction(More)
Single-differential, partial, and total ionization cross sections for the proton–hydrogen atom collision system in the energy region of 0.1–10 keV/u are determined by using the molecular-orbital close-coupling method within a semiclassical formalism. The present cross sections are in an excellent agreement with the recent experiments of Shah et al. @J.(More)
The fully idiographic nature of Chinese language facilitates the algorithms in natural language processing by a tight correspondence between characters and text meaning, and also allows for substantially less preprocessing as compared to the case of other languages. We have recently developed and tested a popularity-based concept to summarization of Chinese(More)
An optimal policy problem is formulated for evolutionary market settings and analyzed in two applications at the microand macrolevels. First, individual portfolio policy is studied in case of a fully computerized, multiagent market system. We clarify the conditions under which static approaches—such as constraint optimization with stochastic rates or(More)