Lukas P. M. Kremer

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Proteomics data integration has become a broad field with a variety of programs offering innovative algorithms to analyze increasing amounts of data. Unfortunately, this software diversity leads to many problems as soon as the data is analyzed using more than one algorithm for the same task. Although it was shown that the combination of multiple peptide(More)
MOTIVATION Genome studies have become cheaper and easier than ever before, due to the decreased costs of high-throughput sequencing and the free availability of analysis software. However, the quality of genome or transcriptome assemblies can vary a lot. Therefore, quality assessment of assemblies and annotations are crucial aspects of genome analysis(More)
Ageing is a feature of nearly all known organisms and, by its connection to survival, appears to trade off with fecundity. However, in some organisms such as in queens of social insects, this negative relation appears reversed and individuals live long and reproduce much. Since new experimental techniques, transcriptomes and genomes of many social insects(More)
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