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Heat shock proteins have been reported to confer resistance to certain antineoplastic drugs. We investigated the impact of hsp70 overexpression on the efficacy of two new anti-cancer drugs, topotecan and gemcitabine. We used the fibrosarcoma WEHI-S cells stably transfected to overexpress the hsp70 cDNA from the constitutive SV40 promoter and appropriate(More)
PURPOSE We explored the mechanisms leading to the distinct overexpression of EPOR as well as the effects of EPO signaling on ETV6/RUNX1-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemias. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN ETV6/RUNX1-expressing model cell lines and leukemic cells were used for real-time PCR of EPOR expression. Proliferation, viability, and apoptosis were analyzed(More)
A great variety of signalling pathways regulating inflammation, cell development and cell survival require NF-kappaB transcription factors, which are normally inactive due to binding to inhibitors, such as IkappaBalpha. The canonical activation pathway of NF-kappaB is initiated by phosphorylation of the inhibitor by an IkappaB kinase (IKK) complex(More)
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