Lukas Niemeier

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Security has recently become a very important concern for entities using IPv6 networks. This is especially true with the recent news reports where governments and companies have admitted to credible cyber attacks against them in which confidential information and the security of data have been compromised. In this paper we will introduce a flexible(More)
Four-membered Al/Ga-P ring systems were prepared by thermal hydrogen elimination between the primary silylphosphine H2PSitBuPh2 and the metal hydride precursors [(Me3N)MH3] (M = Al, Ga). The obtained cycles [(Me3N)HMP(SitBuPh2)]2 (M = Al: 1, Ga: 2) were functionalized by substituting the amine donor with the N-heterocyclic carbenes IPr and BImY to obtain(More)
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