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The current Internet is based on the REST (representational state transfer) architectural style to guarantee scalability and to decrease complexity. All interactions are stateless and the communication between client and server is carried out in a synchronous request/response way. However, applications are evolving towards more and more dynamics. In(More)
Software systems are usually composed of distributed and heterogeneous application components representing higher-level business goals, and a middleware part abstracting the complexity concerns related to network and distribution. In the course of developing complex software systems software developers have to deal with interacting application components(More)
Malnutrition poses a threat to our physical health and to our well-being. Among the effects of malnutrition are stunting, wasting, overweight, obesity or micronutrient deficiencies. All of which foster the onset of noncommunicable diseases, which grow at alarming rates, especially in the European Region, according to the World Health Organization. This(More)
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