Lukas Kouril

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In this paper proposals on construction of the contactless ECG scanning system hardware are described. The philosophy of the system is based on the idea of creating a simple-to-be-worn dress that includes capacitive ECG sensors the outputs of which are transferred to the A/D converter of a processing device. Contemporary technologies enable sewing of the(More)
This paper describes a proposal on intelligent wearable sensor suit intended for being used by firemen. The main purpose of the suit is to monitor an internal health state of the fireman who wears the suit as well as parameters of external environment where the fireman is situated. As external parameters, inflammable and toxic gases are mainly considered(More)
The effectiveness of algorithm execution is an important issue which is necessary to consider during making a descision about implementation of algorithms and selecting runtime environment. The execution time of algorithms doesn’t influence the satisfiability of results but the non-effective implementation significantly increases time consumption within(More)
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