Lukas Klejnowski

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The Organic Computing (OC) Initiative deals with technical systems, that consist of a large number of distributed and highly interconnected subsystems. In such systems, it is impossible for a designer to foresee all possible system configurations and to plan an appropriate system behaviour completely at design time. The aim is to endow such technical(More)
Bringing forward trust from social systems to system-to-system level can lead to efficiency and robustness improvements in self-organising complex systems. In this paper, we show how trust can enhance the matchmaking and robustness regarding malicious nodes in a Desktop Grid and Volunteer Computing System (DGVCS). We give the agent a suited degree of(More)
In this paper we present an open multi-agent based Desktop Grid System that improves the performance of cooperative clients while decreasing the performance of non-cooperative clients as an incentive for good conduct. This is achieved by trust-based job client and worker algorithms that take into account the local and global history of the credibility and(More)