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A novel scheme for processing packets in a router is presented that provides load sharing among multiple network processors distributed within the router. It is complemented by a feedback control mechanism designed to prevent processor overload. Incoming traffic is scheduled to multiple processors based on a deterministic mapping. The mapping formula is(More)
We present a concrete methodology for saving energy in future and contemporary cellular networks. It is based on re-arranging the user-cell association so as to allow shutting down under-utilized parts of the network. We consider a hypothetical static case where we have complete knowledge of stationary user locations and thus the results represent an upper(More)
As more corporate and private users outsource their data to cloud storage providers, recent data breach incidents make end-toend encryption an increasingly prominent requirement. Unfortunately, semantically secure encryption schemes render various cost-effective storage optimization techniques, such as data deduplication, ineffective. We present a novel(More)
With global mobile phone penetration nearing 100%, cellular Call Data Records (CDRs) provide a large-scale and ubiquitous, but also sparse and skewed snapshot of human mobility. It may be difficult or inappropriate to reach strong conclusions about user movement based on such data without proper understanding of user movement between call records. Based on(More)
Load balancing in packet-switched networks is a task of ever-growing importance. Network traffic properties, such as the Zipf-like flow length distribution and bursty transmission patterns, and requirements on packet ordering or stable flow mapping, make it a particularly difficult and complex task, needing adaptive heuristic solutions. In this paper, we(More)
Pattern matching and analysis over network data streams is increasingly becoming an essential primitive of network monitoring systems. It is a fundamental part of most intrusion detection systems, worm detecting algorithms and many other anomaly detection mechanisms. It is a processing-intensive task, usually requiring to search for a large number of(More)
Location-based services are mobile network applications of growing importance and variability. The space of location technologies and applications has not yet been fully explored, perhaps omitting some important practical uses. In this work we present the prototype SS7Tracker platform, an active, non-intrusive, GSM Cell-ID-based solution to network-based(More)
This paper presents a novel framework for easy creation of interactive, platform-independent voiceservices with an animated 3D talking-head interface, on mobile phones. The Framework supports automated multi-modal interaction using speech and 3D graphics. The difficulty of synchronizing the audio stream to the animation is examined and alternatives for(More)
This thesis discusses techniques for sharing the processing load among multiple processing units within systems that act as nodes in a data communications network. Load-sharing techniques have been explored in the field of computer science for many years and their benefits are well known, including better utilization of processing capacity and enhanced(More)