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The Wisconsin H Mapper (WHAM) has surveyed the distribution and kinematics of ionized gas in the Galaxy above declination 30 . The WHAM Northern Sky Survey (WHAM-NSS) has an angular resolution of 1 and provides the first absolutely calibrated, kinematically resolved map of the H emission from the warm ionized medium (WIM) within 100 km s 1 of the local(More)
The Wisconsin Hα Mapper (WHAM) Northern Sky Survey has revealed a loop of H II reaching 1300 pc from the Galactic midplane above the Cas OB6 association in the Perseus sprial arm. This enormous feature surrounds and extends far above the “W4 Chimney” identified by Normandeau et al. and appears to be associated with the star formation activity near the(More)
The extremely faint, temperature sensitive “auroral” emission line [N II] λ5755 has been detected from the low density ionized gas along the sight line toward l = 130.o0, b = −7.o5 using the Wisconsin Hα Mapper (WHAM). The intensity of this emission line, relative to the red nebular line [N II] λ6584, is found to be twice that observed in bright, classical(More)
The Wisconsin Ha Mapper facility was used to obtain spectra of [O i] l6300 in three directions that sample the warm ionized component of the interstellar medium at the Galactic midplane and at pc. Weak z . 2300 interstellar [O i] emission was clearly detected toward all three directions, with [O i] l6300/Ha intensity ratios for individual radial velocity(More)
We have used the Wisconsin H Mapper facility to measure the [O i] 6300/H line intensity ratios for four O star H ii regions: S27 (observation coordinates l = 6=3, b = +23=6), S252 (l = 190=1, b = +0=6), S261 (l = 194=1, b = 1=9), and S264 (l = 195=1, b = 12=0). We find that the ratios range from 0.0015 to 0.0053. These results are roughly a factor of 10(More)
The Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper (WHAM) Northern Sky Survey is revealing that many intermediate-velocity (|vLSR| ≤ 100 km s ) neutral clouds and complexes have an associated ionized component. We present the first map of the Hα emission from an intermediateor high-velocity structure: Complex K. This large, high-latitude feature stretches from l ≈ 10◦ to 70◦, b(More)
The extremely faint, temperature-sensitive “auroral” emission line [N ii] l5755 has been detected from the low-density ionized gas along the sight line toward , using the Wisconsin Ha Mapper. The l p 1307.0 b p 277.5 intensity of this emission line, relative to the red nebular line [N ii] l6584, is found to be twice that observed in bright, classical H ii(More)
During the initial data reduction of the Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper (WHAM) Hα Sky Survey, we have discovered several very long (∼ 30–80) filaments superimposed on the diffuse Hα background. These features have no clear correspondence to the other phases of the interstellar medium revealed by 21 cm, X-ray, IR, or radio continuum surveys, and they have no(More)