Lukas Chruszczyk

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This article describes optimization of excitation sigSBT utilizes a priori knowledge. Circuits are simulated benal for purpose of fault diagnosis. The goal is to enhance effifore CUT testing (off-line). After measurement, CUT response ciency of faults detection in analog electronic circuits. The is compared with stored simulated responses (look-up table).(More)
This paper presents method of deriving optimal excitation signal maximizing probability of successful fault diagnosis. The approach uses evolutionary algorithm and wavelet analysis. The diagnosis procedure is conducted by means of specialized aperiodic excitation. Results are compared with fault diagnosis using unit step excitation. The method belongs to(More)
This article presents maximisation of components tolerance together with finding optimal frequency of a periodic excitation in fault diagnosis of analogue electronic circuits. Addi-tionally classical two-stage “detection → location” diagnosis se-quence is merged into single step in order to reduce test time. Presented optimisation(More)
This article presents design of specialised aperiodic excitation. Purpose is fault diagnosis of analogue electronic circuits. The goal is enhancement of parametric (soft) faults location. Such combination is one of the most difficult diagnosis cases. Further improvement is achieved after utilising wavelet transform as a feature extractor. Obtained results(More)
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