Lukas Chrostowski

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The optical injection-locking technique has been demonstrated to enhance the microwave performance of fiber-optic links based on vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). We report recent advances of a comprehensive study on VCSELs under ultrahigh injection-locking conditions. The performance improvements include /spl sim/20-dB increase of both(More)
rcported to date for frcc-running long wavelength VCSELs, which is further enhanced by injection locking. The rclatively high RlN valucs observed arc possibly due to reflections from the VCSEL-fibre coupling lenses [9], which is still under investigation. Rcducing the optical reflections is expected to reduce the RlN and further increase the SFDR. The(More)
An InGaAsP-InP transistor laser (TL) at 1.55 microm has been designed and modeled. The proposed TL has a deep-ridge waveguide structure with the multiple quantum wells (MQWs) buried in the base-emitter junction, which provides good optical and electrical confinement and can effectively reduce the optical absorption and lateral leakage current. Good laser(More)
The presence and concentration of oxygen in biological systems has a large impact on the behavior and viability of many types of cells, including the differentiation of stem cells or the growth of tumor cells. As a result, the integration of oxygen sensors within cell culture environments presents a powerful tool for quantifying the effects of oxygen(More)
Optical injection locking has been demonstrated to increase the laser bandwidth and reduce the laser chirp and distortion. Around 3x enhancement in relaxation oscillation with increased modulation efficiency at low frequencies was repotted [I]. The improved frequency response, combined with the reduced laser nonlinearity, can be very attractive for analog(More)
We demonstrate the design, fabrication and measurement of integrated Bragg gratings in a compact single-mode silicon-on-insulator ridge waveguide. The gratings are realized by corrugating the sidewalls of the waveguide, either on the ridge or on the slab. The coupling coefficient is varied by changing the corrugation width which allows precise control of(More)
High-speed directly modulated diode lasers are important for optical communications and optical interconnects. In this work, we demonstrate greatly enhanced resonance frequency for vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, from 7 to 50 GHz, under ultrahigh injection-locking conditions. In addition, a 20-dB gain is achieved for small signal modulation below(More)
Injection locking is demonstrated to improve the analog performance of long wavelength vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers. The third-harmonic dynamic range was improved by 20 dB Hz2 3 to be 94 dB Hz2 3, and the modulation bandwidth was increased two fold. The locking conditions are studied and show that the improvement is present over a wide range of(More)
Silicon photonic biosensors are highly attractive for multiplexed Lab-on-Chip systems. Here, we characterize the sensing performance of 3 µm TE-mode and 10 µm dual TE/TM-mode silicon photonic micro-disk resonators and demonstrate their ability to detect the specific capture of biomolecules. Our experimental results show sensitivities of 26 nm/RIU and 142(More)