Lukas C. Kühn

1Sanjiv A. Luther
1Liviu Vanoaica
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We describe a simple method for the affinity purification of specific RNA-binding proteins. DNA sequences corresponding to the protein-binding site of the RNA are subcloned into an in vitro transcription vector between the T7 viral promoter and a poly(A) track. A polyadenylated RNA transcript is bound to poly(U)-Sepharose and subsequently incubated with a(More)
Iron regulatory factor (IRF), also called iron responsive element-binding protein (IRE-BP), is a cytoplasmic RNA-binding protein which regulates post-transcriptionally transferrin receptor mRNA stability and ferritin mRNA translation. By using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and the sequence published by Rouault et al. (1990) a probe was derived which(More)
The immune system and iron availability are intimately linked as appropriate iron supply is needed for cell proliferation, while excess iron, as observed in hemochromatosis, may reduce subsets of lymphocytes. We have tested the effects of a ferritin H gene deletion on lymphocytes. Mx-Cre mediated conditional deletion of ferritin H in bone marrow reduced the(More)
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