Lukas Brügger

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We present a generic modular policy modelling framework and instantiate it with a substantial case study for model-based testing of some key security mechanisms of applications and services of the NPfIT. NPfIT, the National Programme for IT, is a very large-scale development project aiming to modernise the IT infrastructure of the NHS in England. Consisting(More)
The HOL-TestGen environment is conceived as a system for modeling and semi-automated test generation with an emphasis on expressive power and generality. However, its underlying technical framework Isabelle/HOL supports the customization as well as the development of highly automated add-ons working in specific application domains. In this paper, we present(More)
HOL-TestGen is a specification and test case generation environment extending the interactive theorem prover Isabelle/HOL. The HOL-TestGen method is two-staged: first, the original formula, called test specification, is partitioned into test cases by transformation into a normal form called test theorem. Second, the test cases are analyzed for ground(More)
SUMMARY Firewalls are an important means to secure critical ICT infrastructures. As configurable off-the-shelf products, the effectiveness of a firewall crucially depends on both the correctness of the implementation itself as well as the correct configuration. While testing the implementation can be done once by the manufacturer, the configuration needs to(More)
We present the Unified Policy Framework (UPF), a generic framework for modelling security (access-control) policies; in Isabelle/HOL. UPF emphasizes the view that a policy is a policy decision function that grants or denies access to resources, permissions, etc. In other words, instead of modelling the relations of permitted or prohibited requests directly,(More)
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