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The X(2)Σ(1/2)(+), A(2)Π(1∕2), A(2)Π(3∕2), and B(2)Σ(1/2)(+) potential energy curves and associated dipole matrix elements are computed for M + Ng at the spin-orbit multi-reference configuration interaction level, where M = K, Rb, Cs and Ng = He, Ne, Ar. Dissociation energies and equilibrium positions for all minima are identified and corresponding(More)
The load bearing capacity of glued laminated timber beams is size dependent. A material based size effect occurs due to the natural variability of the timber properties and can be explained with the Weibull weakest link theory. The Weibull type size effect has received much attention in the timber research community in the past as it is the dominating size(More)
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