Lukas Ansel

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We present a quadrature volume coil designed for brain imaging of a macaque monkey fixed in a sphinx position (facing down the bore) within a stereotactic frame at 3 T, where the position of the monkey and presence of the frame preclude use of existing coils. Requirements include the ability to position and remove the coil without disturbing the position of(More)
We describe the design and implementation of a unique coil for in-vivo rhesus macaque brain imaging in a stereotaxic device. The RF volume coil consists of a 2 turn solenoid and a saddle coil configured and fed in quadrature. Finite difference time domain method was used to design the coil. Images acquired show excellent homogeneity and SNR throughout the(More)
INTRODUCTION: Accuracy of targeting is critical for the success of cell transplantation and many other procedures [1]. When such procedures are to be performed in the brain with minimally-invasive methods, it is necessary to have exact knowledge of the position and orientation of the head and brain during both the acquisition of 3D whole-head images and(More)
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