Luka Humski

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An e-invoice is the most widely used electronic document in the world. Although it covers only one segment of the entire supply chain, the e-invoice has a central role in the development of electronic business. In this paper, concept, development and implementation of electronic invoicing systems are presented on a case study of an e-invoice system named(More)
In today's world, social networks are one of the most popular ways of communication. Communication and relations among people can be monitored based on interaction on social networks. The question is the exact meaning of this interaction and can the real life relationship be interpreted from interaction on social networks. In this study, we used the most(More)
Information systems of educational organizations often represent a potential well of useful information which can be discovered and interpreted by using specific methods. Exam results in particular are commonly used as a single-use measure of individual knowledge states, after which they are archived and subsequently never used again. Our approach suggests(More)
Social learning is a natural way of acquiring knowledge and approaching various problems. In high education, students widely use social learning which is to a large extent facilitated by todays' popular social network applications. However, as of yet high education systems typically do not recognise the value of the data produced by or embedded within these(More)
After joining the European Union, the Republic of Croatia became obliged to consolidate its laws and regulations with the EU's. European Commission's Regulation No 260/2012, obligatory for Croatia too, has set the 31<sup>st</sup> of October 2016 as the deadline for replacement of national euro credit transfer and direct debit schemes by SEPA Credit Transfer(More)
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