Luk Van Wassenhove

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makers all over the world. Not only does software form the backbone of such industries as banking, airlines, and publishing, it is an increasingly important value-adding component of most consumer products, including televisions, cameras, cars, and mobile phones. I n addition to software's ubiq-uity, the amount of code in most consumer products and systems(More)
By necessity, software development has become a critical skill for many industrial firms. Software that captures the intellectual assets of the firm in its products and services increasingly defines the critical path in development and thus governs the firm's speed-to-market. When embedded in hardware, such as with a television or an office copier, software(More)
A working paper in the INSEAD Working Paper Series is intended as a means whereby a faculty researcher's thoughts and findings may be communicated to interested readers. The paper should be considered preliminary in nature and may require revision. Abstract-In this paper, we analyze software production problem profiles and their link to the organizational(More)
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