Lukás Starecek

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Polymorphic electronics provides a new way for obtaining circuits that are able to perform two or more functions depending on the environment in which they operate. These functions can be activated under certain conditions by changing control parameters of the circuit (such as temperature, power supply voltage, light etc.). Existing polymorphic gates are(More)
Polymorphic gates are unconventional logic components which can switch their logic functions according to changing environment. The first part of this study presents an evolutionary approach to the design of polymorphic modules which exhibit different logic functions in different environments. The most complicated circuit that we evolved contains more than(More)
In this paper, a new concept which allows the applied. The first configuration is used for normal operation reduction of test vectors volume is presented. The concept is based of the circuit. The second configuration is used during test on reconfiguration of some gates of circuit under test. Instead of application to reduce test application time. This(More)
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