Lukáš Palatinus

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BACKGROUND Nanofibrous scaffolds loaded with bioactive nanoparticles are promising materials for bone tissue engineering. METHODS In this study, composite nanofibrous membranes containing a copolymer of L-lactide and glycolide (PLGA) and diamond nanoparticles were fabricated by an electrospinning technique. PLGA was dissolved in a mixture of methylene(More)
The compound Ce12.60Cd58.68(2) is a metrically commensurate representative of the incommensurately modulated phase Ce13Cd57+delta. It is most likely a lock-in phase. The structure, which was solved using seeding of the modulation from those positions most affected as well as direct solution by charge flipping, represents a rare case of ordering in a family(More)
We describe a novel type of ordering phenomenon associated with the incommensurate occupational modulation of bistable molecular magnetic state in a spin-crossover material. This unusual type of aperiodicity resulting from the ordering of multistable electronic states opens new possibilities for addressing such materials by light. Here we show that light(More)
The localization of hydrogen atoms is an essential part of crystal structure analysis, but it is difficult because of their small scattering power. We report the direct localization of hydrogen atoms in nanocrystalline materials, achieved using the recently developed approach of dynamical refinement of precession electron diffraction tomography data. We(More)
Reinvestigation of more than 40 samples of minerals belonging to the wagnerite group (Mg, Fe, Mn)2(PO4)(F,OH) from diverse geological environments worldwide, using single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis, showed that most crystals have incommensurate structures and, as such, are not adequately described with known polytype models (2b), (3b), (5b), (7b)(More)
Previous high-resolution x-ray powder diffraction and transmission electron microscopy studies of the zeolite SSZ-57 could not fully elucidate the structural basis for its puzzling adsorption behavior, which appears to be intermediate between that of a medium- (10-ring) and a large-pore (12-ring) zeolite. Now by applying advanced crystallographic techniques(More)
BACKGROUND Novel mono N-alkyl quaternary ammonium salts (3a-f) were prepared using the Menschutkin reaction from the cage adamanzane type aminal 1,3,6,8-tetraazatricyclo[,8]undecane (TATU) and alkyl iodides, such as methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl, pentyl and hexyl iodide (2a-f), in dry acetonitrile at room temperature. RESULTS The structures of(More)
Chromium(II) diphosphate, Cr(2)P(2)O(7), has an incommensurately modulated structure at ambient conditions with a = 7.05, b = 8.41, c = 4.63 A, beta = 108.71 degrees and q = (-0.361, 0, 0.471). It undergoes a phase transition towards a commensurate structure with a commensurate q vector, q = (-1/3, 0, 1/2), at T(c) = 285 K. The incommensurate structure has(More)
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