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Privacy wizards for social networking sites
Privacy is an enormous problem in online social networking sites. While sites such as Facebook allow users fine-grained control over who can see their profiles, it is difficult for average users toExpand
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Enhancing text clustering by leveraging Wikipedia semantics
Most traditional text clustering methods are based on "bag of words" (BOW) representation based on frequency statistics in a set of documents. BOW, however, ignores the important information on theExpand
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REX: Explaining Relationships between Entity Pairs
Knowledge bases of entities and relations (either constructed manually or automatically) are behind many real world search engines, including those at Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google. Those knowledgeExpand
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Finding related tables
We consider the problem of finding related tables in a large corpus of heterogenous tables. Detecting related tables provides users a powerful tool for enhancing their tables with additional data andExpand
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Look who I found: understanding the effects of sharing curated friend groups
Online social networks like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook allow users to build, organize, and manage their social connections for the purposes of information sharing and consumption. Nonetheless,Expand
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Maximal planar scale-free Sierpinski networks with small-world effect and power law strength-degree correlation
Many real networks share three generic properties: they are scale-free, display a small-world effect, and show a power law strength-degree correlation. In this paper, we propose a type ofExpand
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A privacy recommendation wizard for users of social networking sites
Privacy is a huge problem for users of social networking sites. While sites like Facebook allow individual users to personalize fine-grained privacy settings, this has proven quite difficult forExpand
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Analytical solution of average path length for Apollonian networks.
With the help of recursion relations derived from the self-similar structure, we obtain the solution of average path length, d[over ]_(t) , for Apollonian networks. In contrast to the well-knownExpand
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Splash: ad-hoc querying of data and statistical models
Data mining is increasingly performed by people who are not computer scientists or professional programmers. It is often done as an iterative process involving multiple ad-hoc tasks, as well as dataExpand
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Effects of accelerating growth on the evolution of weighted complex networks
Many real systems possess accelerating statistics where the total number of edges grows faster than the network size. In this paper, we propose a simple weighted network model with acceleratingExpand
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